Gradini at The Pottinger Hong Kong


Gradini is a restaurant and bar located at The Pottinger Hotel, targeting consumers with high spending power. Gradini launched #ProseccoTivo to captivate the younger working crowd to enjoy an afternoon delight.


Aperitivo is an afternoon alcoholic beverage that stimulates a person’s appetite prior to their meal / dinner. This is an Italian practice, commonly known and introduced now in Hong Kong. Voltage saw it as a great fit for Gradini Ristorante E Bar, targeting the younger crowd to come in from 5 – 9 pm daily, with an additional incentive of sharing this on their social media pages in order to win a hotel stay at The Pottinger. Voltage also activated a Social Media initiative, inviting at least 3 KOLs to enjoy the afternoon delight and share on their social pages.


This campaign has reached XX with XX posts on Social Media. Bloggers such as XX and XX have attended and shared this with their friends.


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